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Draft Environmental Impact Statement

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The comment period for the 14th Street  Bridge Corridor Study  DEIS has been extended.  Comments will be accepted through March 15, 2012.  Public hearings will be held in both Washington, DC and Arlington County, VA for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement at least 15 days after its publication.  Meeting times and dates will be made available on the project website.

To submit comments, email 14thstreetinfo@kci.com or click here to fill out pdf form

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Divided by Section
Cover, Title Page and Table of Contents
Executive Summary (download size = 4mb)
Chapter 1- Purpose and Need (download size = 5mb)
Chapter 2- Existing Transportation Conditions (download size = 15mb)
Chapter 3- Alternatives Assessment (download size = 4mb)
Chapter 4- Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences (download size = 14mb)
Chapter 5- Evaluation of Alternatives
Chapter 6 - Comments and Coordination
Appendix A - Preliminary Engineering for Alternatives Retained (download size = 23mb)
Appendix B - Estimated Cost for Action Alternatives (download size = 4mb)
Appendix C - Section 106/4(f) Coordination (download size = 4mb)
Appendix D - RTE Correspondence (download size = 4mb)
Appendix E - List of Technical Reports and Memos
Appendix F - List of Preparers
Appendix G - Distribution List
Appendix H - References
Appendix I - Glossary of Terms
Appendix J - Acronyms, Symbols, and Abbreviations
Appendix K - Action Alternatives Impact Maps (download size = 4mb)
Appendix L - Study Area Species List
Appendix M - Draft Section 4(f) Evaluation (download size = 9mb)
Appendix N - Trail Bridge Over MVMH/GWMP
Appendix O - Section 106 Effects Summary Report (download size = 6mb)